After postdoctoral positions as scientific researcher and coordinator in Freiburg (Center for Cognitive Science) (2004-07) & Berlin (Berlin School of Mind and Brain) (2009-16) and a visiting fellowship at the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University, USA with Daniel Dennett (2018) I founded the DenkWerkstatt Berlin and work now as an independent, freelance philosopher in Berlin. Since autumn 2020 I am an associate researcher of  the Cognition, Values, Behaviour (CVBE) research group at LMU-Munich.

From March to June 2023, I will be Visiting Fellow with Eric Schwitzgebel at UC Riverside.

CV Anna Strasser
CV Strasser - January 2023 .pdf (466.1KB)
CV Anna Strasser
CV Strasser - January 2023 .pdf (466.1KB)


I focus on topics concerning social cognition at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, and AI.  Currently, I am primarily interested in the question of how a philosophical framework can capture the varieties of phenomena concerning social cognition. To this end, I question whether standard notions might be too restrictive and examine to what extent so-called minimal approaches can contribute to a solution. In addition, I investigate to what extent artificial systems may qualify as a new type of social agents.

Having an interdisciplinary background, I am convinced that empirically informed philosophy enables us to pose new questions and offer new answers.


My experience in scientific management made it possible to organize various scientific events using new formats to stimulate interdisciplinary interaction and to foster outspoken debates.

An overview of organized events can be found here.

organized events


Contact: annakatharinastrasser@gmail.com