Ongoing projects

  • Book project with Wolfgang Sohst, working title: The (ir-)rational human being
  • Fine-tuning a GPT-3 on the copus of Daniel Dennett with Eric Schwitzgebel & Mathew Crosby & Blake Myers

Papers in preparation:

  1. Joint paper with Jurgis Karpus: I and my Digital Replica
  2. Live longer: Joint commitments revisited.
  3. Soziale Roboter: Schuld ohne Strafe – verteilte Verantwortung in Mensch-Maschine-Interaktionen?
  4. What is Belief? In favor of a gradual, disjunctive conceptualization of belief.
  5. Collective Irrationalities: How to agree on good reasons
  6. Social Cognition & Reciprocity

DenkWerkstatt Berlin

  • Scientific Consultation for LMU
  • Supervision of a PhD-project
  • Lectorate & sparring-partnership for a book project
  • Organization of a conference in Zurich